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Personal computer (PC) desktop and laptop devices have empowered today's business users with the capability to access enterprise applications and mission critical data both in the office and on the road. The proliferation of highly mobile smartphone devices that use open operating systems (OS) promise even greater access to enterprise applications and mission critical data. Unfortunately, all devices are exposed to blended threats such as viruses, spam, spyware and worms. As well users accessing inappropriate and dangerous web content jeopardize device integrity, negatively impact productivity and violate corporate content access guidelines. While point product security agent technology, such as antivirus agents, are available to protect devices from certain threats, such methods fall short from comprehensively protecting against blended threats and do not enforce content access guidelines.

Solution: FortiMail
With the volume of spam now exceeding 30 billion messages worldwide per day, corporate email servers and users alike are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by unwanted mail resulting in wasted corporate resources and decreased employee productivity. In addition, the increasing sophistication of blended threats now commonly use email as a mode of penetration into a network. This can be illustrated by the dramatic rise in Phishing attacks, signaling a change in strategy for spammers looking to profit from unsuspecting users.

    Primary benefits of the FortiMail family include:
  • Increasing employee productivity by reducing unwanted spam messages
  • Reducing mail system and network resource consumption caused by spam messages
  • o Eliminating threats using the email attack vector
  • Aiding in regulatory compliance through advanced email content archiving
  • Providing flexible deployment options with three modes of operation: Transparent, Gateway and Server
  • Reducing impact to IT resources through purpose-built hardware platforms, a security hardened operating system and automatic security content updates
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