The Internet has increased students' exposure to many valuable and useful sources of information; unfortunately, however, it has also made it easy to access inappropriate or illegal content and to utilize campus networks for non-educational pursuits.
    Key issues include:
  • Access to inappropriate content and exposure to potential liability
  • Intrusions into academic record and exam data-stores
  • Utilization of campus networks for illegal content sharing
  • Propagation of viruses, worms and other content-based threats
  • Reduction in performance of key academic applications due to use of campus networks for bandwidth-hungry applications
These issues have placed an enormous strain on all resources that are associated with the maintenance or support of campus computing systems and networks. For example, maintaining host-based Antivirus software on every desktop and laptop is extremely difficult in dynamic academic environments. This is especially challenging with student-owned computers that connect to the campus network but are not under the control of the institution's IT administrators.

In addition, many of today's threats propagate via Web applications, and therefore can easily bypass email-centric defenses against content-based threats. While numerous products are available today that can be used to filter inappropriate content, eliminate viruses and worms, detect network intrusions and prevent access to critical computing assets, the cost of procuring and managing multiple, independent systems stretches the budget limitations of most educational institutions.
    Norcom 2000, Inc. offers:
  • Protection from viruses, worms and intrusions
  • Secure connectivity between remote locations and the network
  • Protection from inappropriate content and compliance with regulatory norms
  • Maximization of bandwidth and other network resources
  • Protection of administrative resources and students from hackers
  • TCO related issues such as ease of maintenance and updating, maximization of performance, and leveraging capital and expense budgets
NC2K's FortiGate™ Antivirus Firewalls address the key network protection needs of educational institutions. NC2K's ASIC-powered systems scan email, Web and file transfer content at the network edge and in real time - protecting the educational network from viruses, worms and other inappropriate and malicious content before it can enter the network. In addition, every FortiGate system includes built-in intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, firewall, VPN and traffic shaping functionality in one easy to install, maintain and update unit.

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