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Highspeed Internet. Now Affordable and Accessable!
  • New DSL Service starting at just $29.99 when bundled with our DIRECTV service.
  • Bundle now with, DIRECTV and you could be getting Highspeed Internet and the best in Satellite TV for under $60 a month!
  • Ask about how we can install a wireless network in your home, so everyone in the house can enjoy highspeed internet w/o messing with any wires.
  • Wireless Highspeed Internet, now available to the Smithton and Freeburg areas, getting internet to those “hard to reach” places.
  • Our Dialup service is still available for only $7.50 a month when purchasing one year up front.
Networking Security for Every Business
Norcom 2000, Inc. has partnered with FORTINET to bring you the best networking security for your small or medium business. A company can lose tens of thousands of dollars in only a few short hours of networking instability. With our expert networking engineers here to help, we can get you back up and running “pest” free.
Our NC2 engineers will monitor and analyze your network at no-obligation and no-cost to you, and prepare a report to show you where there may be risks for vulnerability. If you lie awake at night wondering if your network has been compromised, this FREE trial should be a no-brainer.


Configure your PC to your needs! We'll build your notebook, desktop or server to your needs at a great price. Use our online configurator under Build-a-PC, click here for your notebook, desktop or server solution, or call us today at (618) 257-3750.

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